Statement by Malayka Erpen: The 5 challenges ...
Statement by Malayka Erpen

The 5 challenges in textile industry for 2023

Malayka Erpen (Source: Invista)
Malayka Erpen (Source: Invista)

Europe's economy faces major challenges and problems. Since the beginning of the eurozone crisis in 2009, Europe has experienced a series of challenges, including a massive influx of refugees, Brexit, the corona virus pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Being globally connected, this also impacts the textile industry. We asked different stakeholders in our industry the question: “What are the 5 biggest challenges in the textile industry for 2023?”. In her statement Malayka Erpen, Global Consumer Segment Leader Cordura Brand of Invista, S.à.r.l., Wichita, KS/USA, gives us her assessment:

1.    Sustainability & climate protection
Sustainability will remain a focus area requiring continuous development of next generation solutions. We at Cordura, after successfully launching our 100% post-industrial PA 66 in 2022, are continuously working on next generation solutions.

2.    Supply chain & raw material issues
Supply chains have been and will continue to be impacted by global developments, hopefully we will see a slight recovery.

3.    Traceability
Traceability and visibility will continue to be major and important topics in 2023. What this also offers, is an opportunity for transformation which will help to create more visibility and transparency and therefore have a positive effect long term. Visibility and traceability of goods will remain a significant topic in 2023.

4.    Energy
The renewed onshoring of the textile industry in Europe will bring new opportunities as well as challenges (capacity/cut and sew etc.) It will require new infrastructures to accompany the welcomed re-homing effort.

5.    Skills shortages
In 2023, it will be even more important to work closely in the industry/industry partners in order to create long term value given the fast-moving markets, the macro and micro economical dynamics we are currently experiencing.
Cordura Advanced Fabrics will continue to provide durable solutions for the textile industry and develop new products based on market needs, just as we have done for the last 55 years. Together with our partners we can create a better and more sustainable future.

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