Man-made Fiber Year Book 2022

2 Man-Made Fiber Year Book 2022 CONTENTS Leader 1 Boosting different ways of thinking and working C. Kenneally Industry News Review 4, 5, 16 Raw material news (Asahi Kasei, Aquafil, Hengli, Hengyi Petrochemical, Sulzer Chemtech, Toray) 4, 6-11, 24, 25, 34 Fiber news (Advansa, HeiQ Materials, Hyosung, Hypetex, IFC, IFG, Lenzing, Norratex, RadiciGroup, Renewcell, Teijin, The Lycra Company, Toray, Universal Fibers, Verdex) 8-10, 14, 16 Current acquisitions; cooperations; joint ventures (Archroma/Huntsman Textile Effects, Compass Diversified/PrimaLoft, Kairos Industries/Dolan, Perlon/Nowo Products, AVA Biochem/Sulzer Chemtech, Trützschler/Texnology, Spinnova/Suzano) 9 Fiber production news (Mondi Ascania) 8, 11-14, 50, 57 Recycling news (Andritz, Apply Carbon, Carbios/IVL, Eastman, Honeywell UOP, Michelin, Natural Fiber Welding, Teijin Aramid, Thai Acrylic, The Lycra Company) 10 Microbial weaving process (Modern Synthesis) Fiber Raw Material 15 MEG: global overcapacity, regional tightness — and next? J. Rivera 16 Bioplastics production technology for NatureWorks’ plant (Sulzer Chemtech) Fibers 17 Regenerated cellulose fibers — great potential for sustainable and tough fiber-reinforced composites N. Graupner, J. Müssig, T. Huber 21 Microbially produced silk fibers with high strength (Washington University) 22 Is there still a future for polymer-based fibers for textile applications post COP26? H. Christiaen 26 Polyester vs. natural fibers (Natural Fiber Welding) 27 Novel spider silk fibers for nerve healing (University of Bayreuth) 28 Development of glass fiber/PET hybrid yarn for thermoplastic composites M.E. Heper 30 Polyethylene vs. para-aramid fibers P.J. Lemstra, B.J. Lommerts Man-Made Fiber Year Book 2022 Published by Chemical Fibers International October 2022